Lazy week

Hey Everyone,  it’s been a lazy week with work schedule.  I have managed to feed all the critters…they are really stuffing their bellies for the winter ahead!!  The birds get fed every day, the squirrels every other day, and the other critters well….let’s just say that they are finding food, okay?

Something pretty funny did happen the other day, and that is my neighbor came over for a visit and scared a squirrel out of my potting soil bag.  I’m sure there is something delicious buried in there.  Let’s just hope it isn’t babies.  They have a tendency to nest high in the trees, but if they can find a more private spot to nest, they will.  Eeek!

Moonvine – it’s as big as my hand!

Anyway, fall is here and I hope to get all of my outside work completed.  I am truly hesitant about cutting back my moonvine.  It is so pretty when it gets a chance to bloom in the evening, and it smells wonderful.  But the blooms are getting a little touched by the cold weather.  I cover them, but they must just like it warmer….sounds a bit like us, huh?

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