Raising Monarchs – the Good

Just hangin’ out

Well folks, here is the final post on Monarchs for this season/year.  Our last few butterflies that have been released should be heading south to Mexico to party and over winter (we hope).  It’s a long flight, and hopefully our butterflies will catch those high windstreams to help move them along so they don’t have to flutter their wings the whole time.  Whew!  That would be so tiring!!

The good thing about raising Monarchs is that we are helping bring them back from the endangered list.  By planting native milkweed and native nectar flowers, we initially attract them where the females can lay their eggs, then give them nectar to eat once they’ve emerged from their chrysalis to start the cycle again, or to give them necessary food for the long trip to Mexico.  It is a beautiful thing to watch them grow from egg to butterfly, then to release them into the world, but they will only survive if we give them what they need!

They are pollinators as well as beautiful butterflies.  Without pollinators, we don’t have food and without food – we die.  So…..we hope that you will consider helping them, so that they can help us!  It is a simple thing to do…just think about it.

We have a male that we released this afternoon, but he must have decided that he wasn’t ready for the trip, because he just hung out on the butterfly bush until dusk.  I felt sorry for the little guy, so I brought him back in to spend the night with us.  I will try again to get him to fly away in the morning when the sun is shining and its a little warmer.

That’s all folks……until Spring!

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