Spring is Coming!!!

Although today, Sunday – February 10, 2019 – may not show it, Spring IS coming! It’s time to start thinking about your flower beds, gardens, and MONARCH butterflies! It won’t be long now, and those beauties will be migrating North out of Mexico to begin their lifecycle of the next generation(s) and we want to be ready for them when they arrive!

So, what do you need to be planning toward? Where in your yard, or on your patio/deck, or even on your balcony (if you live in a multi-story apartment) do you want flowers, vegetables, and butterflies? You need to plan the space for your plantings. Whether it be in the ground, or in pots and containers, you can have it all!! You think you don’t have enough space? Believe it or not, you DO! Not every flower or vegetable has to be in/on the ground. They can actually be hung! Many garden centers have suitable containers for all types of growing needs – pots, raised bed supplies, even bags that you can hang up. Amazing isn’t it?? Once you figure out what you want to grow, next comes how you’re going to grow it. Grow it low, grow it high, it doesn’t matter – just grow it. Then, gather your materials. You will need a garden spot, pots or bags or both, potting soil (and trust me, there are different ones for flowers and vegetables), seeds or starters, sunshine, water and/or rain. Put it all together, and soon you will have a flowering oasis! Don’t have a “green thumb?” That’s okay, I didn’t either when I first started. You will get the hang of it!! Feel free to email me at deebeekden@petalzpawzandwingz.com if you have any questions! I’ll be happy to help you out!! See the next post for raising Monarchs!!

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