What a November!

Hi Everybody!

I’m sorry that it has been so long since my last post, but this month came and is now gone before I realized it!  A lot has happened in the yard and in the house, too.

Let me start with what a beautiful month it has been.  The leaves have turned to beautiful color and now are falling at  astronomical rates!  Thankfully, I have places to put them (besides at the curb or in the middle of the back yard or even a leaf bag) which is over the butterfly garden, the milkweed plants around the perimeter of the yard, and the veggie garden.  After winter’s snows it will be nice to have all of that free nutrition added to the soil of the beds for spring planting!

Kris and I and a friend of ours took a weekend and went to Logan, Ohio for a girls weekend/wine tasting.  We stayed at a gorgeous pioneer cabin, moved from West Virginia and rebuilt on its current site.  It was a great weekend.  Towards the middle of the month, another friend of ours – moved in!  He even

I’m here!

brought his dog – Boofus.  We are still re-arranging furniture and rooms, so that he will have his own space.  It’s kinda nice to have a live-in maintenance man.  Just teasing you Shawn!  LOL

Shawn had a beautiful pond at his previous residence that I hope he duplicates at our house sometime in the future.  I can’t imagine a more peaceful spot in a yard where you get to hear the water trickling over the rocks, and watch the butterflies flitter amongst the flowers, and the birds singing in the trees!  I’m

Peaceful looking, isn’t it?

so excited for spring, are you???

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